Selling established manufacturing businesses for clients looking to retire is a particular area of expertise for Gator Business Sales.  It is important to note however that not all potential purchasers are “created equal”, and a good broker will be able to guide and advise their clients accordingly.

“As you are aware, we completed the sale of my business earlier this week, which means that after 40+ years of owning New Forest Products & Joinery, I can finally start to plan my retirement.
Actually selling New Forest Products & Joinery was obviously of most importance to me. However, I also found it particularly helpful that with your experience you were able to identify individuals and companies who were genuinely interested and properly funded to buy my business. At the same time you were able to weed out the so-called entrepreneurs and investors who were only looking to do a deal on the cheap. I did not know that these people existed so it was important to have you working alongside to advise me accordingly.” – Frank Noble, former owner of New Forest Products & Joinery.