E-commerce businesses are always popular with potential purchasers. However, the sheer quantity and wide range of information requested by interested parties is always a surprise to clients. This was certainly the case with Birdkids.co.uk, a well established e-commerce business that sources, stocks and sells an exciting range of nature-inspired contemporary childrens gifts. With Gator Business Sales’ experience of selling other e-commerce enterprises, we were able to work closely with the vendors to produce relevant marketing information, and answer any and all questions posed by would-be buyers. Birdkids was listed for sale in late October 2019, with the sale completed to an entrepreneurial couple in January 2020.

Selling a business is not something ones does often, for us this was a first. Guidance is essential and realism is a close second. Expectations are crucial. Mark Martin, the proprietor of Gator Business Sales, was very frank with us. We very quickly established an understanding of what is required to produce sales details. To say Mark was incredibly thorough was almost an understatement. Having produced our basic accounts, Mark then took us to another level. It then became evident why. Buyers have very different requirements and all this information must be forthcoming relatively quickly to keep the sales process on track. Mark had prepared well for this.


We can recommend Gator Business unreservedly. The crowning glory was Mark coming down to Cornwall to oversee the signing.“ – Julia and Graham Slack, ex-proprietors of Birdkids.